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Ramstein church of Christ

Nov. 3rd - 5th

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  In a little less than three weeks, Steve, Earl and Kevin preached at 11 different locations.  All of these were in buildings at various local churches, with the exception of Puerto Princessa on Palawan, where the brethren had erected a structure in which to hold the services at which they preached.  The spiritual needs they encountered were varied and they sought to meet all of them as much as we were able.  

Assembly at Puerto Princessa

  The topics covered included a whole range of subjects, first principles, lessons on the church, Christian living, denominational doctrines, distinction in the covenants, etc.  As often happens, they were able to help brethren in a number of places with pressing needs.  Preachers came to hear us at most places but there were a number of places where they made up the majority in the audience.  At such times they did their best to address subjects pertaining to things they faced in their work.




Nov. 3-4 -  Worked with the church in Cebu city on the island of Cebu.  Jonathan Cariņo is the preacher there. About 60 people were in attendance. Our sermons dealt with some local needs and as well those of the lost in attendance.


Nov. 5 -  Drove across Cebu with Jonathan Carino to catch a ferry to the neighboring island of Negros Occidental, where we all preached at the church at San Carlos in the morning.  In the afternoon, Earl and Kevin went to the church in nearby Escalante (3) while I continued to preach in at San Carlos.  Kevin and I were later on the radio for an hour  (9:00-10:00 p.m.) that evening, dealing with Baptist doctrine.  Seven were baptized at San Carlos.






Steve Preaching at Gen. Santos City