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Ramstein church of Christ

Nov. 11th - 14th

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Nov. 11 -  Julie Nortarte and other brethren picked us up and drove us up to Digos, where a large group of Christians and non-Christians were gathered together to hear the gospel preached. We dealt mainly with subjects needed by the lost. 36 souls responded to the invitation to obey Christ in baptism. Among them were one Roman Catholic church leader, two Baptist “pastors,” the wife of one of the “pastors,” and five from Islam. Many preachers had come some distance to hold up our hands in this effort. It was a great encour- agement to us.
Nov. 12 -  We went up to Davao where we preached at the nearby church as Calinan that evening, where Jerry Ca-a preaches. The weather was less of a factor in other parts of the Philippines on this trip than other times. Mindanao is the major island of the Philippines closest to the equator. It more than made up for the lack of heat in other places!

Assembly at Digos

Nov.13 -  We flew to Manila, where we were met by Rody Gumpad and his wife, Tess.  They drove us to our next preaching appointments in the Angeles City area, the site of the former Clark Air Force Base.  We preached at the church in Mabalacat on Saturday afternoon, where Rick Darisin preaches. Kevin and I then preached on a local radio program normally handled by Lordy Salunga, preacher at the church in Angeles.

Nov. 14 -  Kevin to Guagua area with Jojo Tacbad, Earl to Angeles, and me back to Mabalacat. Preachers from all over Luzon (the northern most island in the Philippines, on which Manila and Angeles are located) came to our lectures at the church in Angeles on Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 15-16.




The total number baptized on this trip was 50.  We are persuaded that further good was done through our preaching on various needed subjects, throughout the Philippines.

Puerto Princessa Baptisms

The End...